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I’m Kriste, and I love sharing stories of inner and outer adventure, stories that inspire women to make more noise, to be their own heroes, and to take up space in the world. Because the more we give ourselves permission to do this, the more we inspire others to do the same. And that matters. A lot.

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You can feel it. Something’s off…


You know yourself well, you love who you are — and you’re ready for a richer life experience. 


Sure, traveling the world when you can is amazing. But you know the truth — the authentic adventures that impact your daily life happen when you explore the untapped corners of yourself… your own mind, heart, and spirit.


You’ve come to the right place. Welcome home.


I’m Kriste, outdoorist, speaker, and writer. I’m here to help you make more noise, be your own hero — and make deeper connections with yourself, those around you, and this beautiful world.


It’s time to reclaim your right to be here on this earth, as you reconnect the ties that have been severed in the generations before.


Sure, it’s always easier to settle into your routines, go through the motions, and settle in for whatever life brings…


I’m challenging you to come along with me as you reclaim the truly wild, inspiring parts of your deepest self— starting from right where you are, in this very moment.


This is only the beginning…

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