At Night We Run

We ran under the moon not long ago and it was as magical to me as it always was. We couldn’t see it from where we started and had to earn the lunar view at the top. once there, I invited everyone to pause and turn off our headlamps. let’s look up, I said. I was so taken with the night sky dotted with stars and constellations I didn’t know the names of, I hoped the others might be too.

Just the fact that we too are part of space, that our bodies are healthy and strong, that we get to run – at night – for fun and without knowing exactly how our bodies are able to do it. That’s a bushel full of miracles right there, people. As is often the case, folks don’t always share my sense of wonder and bone-deep gratitude for mysteries like these.

But I know myself and what a feat it is to keep track of my keys some days, so I know I’d be lost if I had to beat my heart, breathe my lungs, and coordinate my limbs every literal step of the way. That profundity is not lost on me, and it’s okay that folks don’t always get it. Then again, that’s a mystery to me too.

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