I love and live for good conversations with interesting people.


When the coronavirus arrived and upended life as we knew it, I wanted to stay connected to that passion while remaining engaged with my women’s group, Black Women’s Alliance of Denver – and ‘moving conversations’ was born. This video series began as a means to connect with spiritual teachers, wise women, healers, and creatives about ways to engage self-care within communities hardest hit by the pandemic. Along the way, they’ve provided insights that reach into just about every demographic. These talks have been fruitful to me personally, and who knows, perhaps you’ll find something here that speaks to you too. Check them out. Rest yourself. Stay awhile.


Devi Ward Erickson

Jasmine Wiley

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Leaning Into Life’s Unknowns with Kriste Peoples

In this conversation, Kriste talks about growing up in a military family, her internal curiosity, and always wanting to push against the edge while asking the question “What’s next?”. The first half of the interview is about her journey and how she found her path. In the second half, we discuss the power of mindfulness and nature. We talk about how when we slow down we can turn and face our fears, stories, limiting beliefs and unresolved pain.

Kriste Peoples, trail runner & mindfulness teacher: “We are nature.”

We talked about mindfulness, the power of nature, what it means to embrace the present moment, and so much more.

Kriste Peoples Throwing It All Up Against The Wall…Ep90

What you’ll find in Today’s episode is a little bit of Philosophy and a little bit of how to, along with Kriste’s love of movement. We’ll start off with the topic of why sports now and how the trails help Kriste process everything going on.

Kriste Peoples: Running Builds Connections Between People – R4R 255

Let’s talk about exploring the parallels between our running practice and meditation practice. How you can cut through the noise and narrow down the core of what mindful running means to you and so much more.

Right-sizing yourself in the world with Kriste Peoples

Talking about the coming together of Kriste’s passion for running, nature and working with women of color.

Right-sizing yourself in the world with Kriste Peoples – Warrior Goddess Revolution

In this episode, we talk about belonging, being inspired by others to go beyond old boundaries and limitations, being brave, and the beauty all around how to tune back in.

EP 112: Who Wants to Go Outside and Get Dirty? with Kriste Peoples

One of the things I love about my guest this week is how she is courageous about following her curiosity! Kriste Peoples is a Denver-based writer, producer, speaker, women’s trail running coach, and outdoorist. Here is her story.

181 – Kriste Peoples “It’s a Practice. It’s not a Perfect.”

Today Kriste will tell us how important it is to step into who you are and be your full size of your full self.

Ruth King: Race, Rage, and the Healing Power of Mindfulness

Kriste and Ruth speak on how a deep understanding of these concepts can help craft healing conversations around racial difference and injustice. (69 minutes)

Let’s Talk For Real With Kriste Peoples

We discuss why we should give ourselves permission to be human. Why it’s important to take responsibility for our mistakes while we are “letting our light shine”. We also talk about how being in nature can right-size our problems, why visuals matter, and so much more.

Rare Air Talk: Kriste Peoples, A Black Woman in Boulder, at The Studio (Boulder)

The first of our Rare Air Talks series … Kriste Peoples with Black Women’s Alliance of Denver fired up the live audience at The Studio (Boulder) with her personal story navigating the outdoors as a black woman in Colorado.


Taking Risks for Inclusivity in Dynamic Dialogue + Interviewing with Kriste Peoples

In today’s episode of the podcast, I sit down with the incredible Kriste Peoples to follow-up on our conversation from the Sounds True Wisdom of the Body Summit. We discuss why it’s time to embrace the wholeness of who we are and how to embody the wild nature that feels like home. She will definitely inspire you as much as she inspired me.

Reclaiming Space In Colorado’s Historically White Outdoors

Despite historical barriers, Black people are rekindling their connection with the outdoors, acknowledging the trauma associated with the land’s history. Kriste Peoples, shares her journey of reclaiming outdoor spaces on Black Talk with host Michele Simpson, inspiring others to join in this adventure of reconnecting with nature. Explore the motivations and methods behind this important movement.

Boulder-based Non-profit Expands Women’s Access to Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor participation rates among women and girls are notably lower than those of men, exacerbated by discrimination based on race, socioeconomic factors, and other intersections. Kriste Peoples, discusses their mission to offer outdoor experiences to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including girls, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals, highlighting the importance of equitable access to outdoor recreation.