“I cannot adequately enunciate what a wonderful meditation guide and inspiration  Kriste Peoples is! I found that the work made a positive difference in my outlook and relationships. I felt a mental and emotional shift that was much needed, especially during these freakyass times we are living through.”


– Mary S. | Mindfulness Meditation Student

“Graceful and discerning, Kristie Peoples offers a discrete quality of presence that fosters ease and insight. Her embodied love of nature reflects a deep understanding of diversity and equity, and her natural joy supports effortless acceptance and learning.”


– Ruth King, founder, Mindful of Race Institute

“Kriste Peoples is a rare human being.


She creates safe space for what looks like impossible contradictions and does it with easy radiance, wisdom, and patience. Kriste is wide open to all that life is, vulnerable and fearless, quiet and strong, feeling all the feelings, wrecked by the sadness of humanity and busting out with joy—all at the same time. 


She has not one ounce of attitude or bravado, but endless amounts of the kind of strength that comes from allowing things to be as they are, and taking power back by naming things that survive in darkness.


You know you’re with Kriste when you can’t help but grin and feel that sunshine on every square inch of your skin. Kriste invites you to feel brave and scared, thoughtful and confused, real and free, giddy, raw, and blessed—all at the same time. 


Kriste is a scout and a navigator of the unknown. She risks going “beyond” and welcomes you to your own dark places, but not without first putting a flashlight in your pocket so you can find your way back out (or in).  


She steps fully into hard things, feels them all the way down, and serves as witness and companion to all that is offered—and yet is indelibly burnished by joy.


To know Kriste is a singular gift, a trust fall of delight, a feast of windows thrown wide open to all there is.”


– Brynn Breuner, Creative Brand Strategist, MindsparkBranding.com

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