Whether it’s meditation, running, or exploring the great outdoors — life’s biggest lessons can happen anywhere. Every day is an invitation to learn and grow together.

A go-to speaker and panelist at summits and conferences, I connect with groups of all sizes about empowering women, greater inclusion in the outdoors, going on everyday adventures, and so much more.

I share real-life transformative tales that need to be heard — to help you create your own story, every day. I talk about real issues as they arise — sharing my reflections on dynamic conversations as they unfold.

I’m passionate about getting outside with good people and working with select brands to create experiences that help expand the adventure narrative for every body – on and off of the trails.

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I love taking all that I’ve learned and distilling it into accessible teachings that meet you right where you are. You’ll make connection, passion, wisdom and adventure part of your everyday life — I’ll show you how.

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Through my work in the field of equity and inclusion, I fuse my love of nature with my passion for speaking and facilitating instructional workshops — to make sure all communities get plugged into fresh, empowering narratives of engagement and adventure.

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I love empowering people to share their stories and adventures — and that’s exactly what you’ll find me doing over on the blog. I found my stride when I stopped following everybody else’s, and I’m sharing how you can do the same.

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As I make my way through the world, I’m determined to leave it better than I found it — and I’m proud to collaborate with (and spread the word about) brands who share this same vision. Our next adventure could be just around the corner…

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