By Kriste Peoples

Running Free with an Open Heart

Running free with an open heart under sunny skies this morning, thinking about the gift of mobility, strength, and friendship, how powerful they are and so easily overlooked.


Still thinking about last weekend’s trip back in time to witness important parts of history, wondering how much has changed.


Thinking about what I was gonna eat today and whether I’d finally try that keto business my friend’s been on about. (I’m posting this after a starchy breakfast, so the keto question remains off the table.)


Thinking about the wreckage that is my romantic life, wondering whether I’ll ever make that connection – while simultaneously loving my life exactly as it is.


Thinking about mother’s day coming and how I ran and cried and wailed on these very trails when my own mom passed. The land and love of good people and this body knowing how to put one foot in front of the other held me up in ways I can’t begin to explain.


I’m fortunate to be on land this beautiful, anytime I choose. It is a huge part of how I heal, process the hard stuff, puzzle over the ridiculous, run through fear and sorrow, and celebrate the joys. Feeling so grateful that the earth can hold so much.