By Kriste Peoples

The Nature of Change and Letting Go

I’ve had some good conversations this weekend about the nature of change and letting go so that a new expression can emerge. It’s been thought-provoking and I love the theory and ‘pow!’ of it, but sometimes it’s hard to feel steady when change rushes in like a tsunami.


That’s part of why I run; I’m reminded that it’s only ever one step at a time, and even when it feels like I am not moving, I actually am getting somewhere – as long as I persevere.


As for my yoga pose, I’ve been appreciating this one lately. Feet are planted in one direction while the twist happens at the core and arms are reaching out in different directions while I’m also trying to ‘lengthen’ in the process.


Shoutout to the serious yogis who will forgive me butchering the mechanics of this move. so much going on, pushing and pulling in different directions while I’m also trying to ‘lengthen through my crown’ and be simultaneously grounded. b=By some miracle, I am still standing, balanced, when I can pull it off. Like life.


As for Toni’s pose, it’s not symbolic of anything, really. Sometimes you just gotta lay down and holler at the end of things.