By Kriste Peoples

Sharing The Feeling of Accomplishment

Last week I was excited to be going a longer distance than I’ve done in a while. we were going for ten miles and I was ready. But as we ran, the gap between us widened, and it led me straight into my head.


A few things first: my friend is exceptional and fabulous and I love our trail time. She’s got a full plate at work and home and in her PhD program, in addition to being a fitness instructor. All of which to say, time is tight.


At one point I circled back to ask if everything was okay and whether she’d had a hard workout the night before. Yes, she said, I’m just tired. Keep going, she said, and waved me on.


I’m not proud to say I pouted and pulled ahead, but I did. You know that feeling when it’s hard to get over yourself? I pouted because I wanted all of the stories and laughter and fun running we’d been used to, but that takes energy too – energy that’s hard to come by some days. I get it.


It’s interesting because I’m usually the first one to encourage people to run with whatever shows up. But that day made me cranky; I was in a mood. Rather, I was in no mood. Then we hit some switchbacks about seven miles in, and I saw her cresting a hill. just like that, my inner petty betty sat right down.


Looking good, I hollered. She shouted back, and there it was.. just like every other time. All of the joy and support, the shared feeling of accomplishment, and allowing it to just be what it was, which was ultimately perfect. Apparently I just needed a few miles to get there.