By Kriste Peoples

Gadgets May Not Catch it All – But Your Heart Always Will

Our gadgets can never catch it all. That’s why there are ad people for the targeted things. Granted, some of it’s due to my own operator error, but even so, sometimes we just miss stuff. Like this morning. I was all set in my awesome @altrarunning gear, popping with color, excited to participate in the @strava @andmother_org mom forward 5k. But once we all got together and started catching up about all the things, I never fired up the app.


But we talked a lot about being in community and how running has helped us through our ups and downs; we talked about mother’s day, motherhood, divorce, and dating – all the things.


Having lost my own mom, I never know how this holiday’s going to hit me, so I’m glad to have shared the morning with good people doing something I love. Plus, I feel like that’s part of what the event’s mission was too: to connect us beyond ourselves, moving together.


On our way back down the mountain – I do love earning those views up high! – I handed over my phone and hollered make me look like a gazelle as I come down! I didn’t quite capture that one either, but a kind lady said to her partner as I neared them on their way up, hey Mike, did you see that beautiful gazelle coming down the mountain just now? I laughed and we all smiled as Mike nodded that he had indeed seen.



Toward the end another woman called out, go team Altra! I whoop-whooped back to her over my shoulder. My gadgets didn’t catch it all this morning, but I promise you my heart sure did.