By Kriste Peoples

Women Are Powerful!

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of reminding women how powerful and resourceful they/we are when the going gets going.



This morning there were a few groans and utterances about being out of shape and possibly not up to the workout, and yet everyone was running – and power hiking – up the mountain plus doing uphill repeats in the heat.


Folks, I said, you have to be in reasonably good shape to do what you just did. Look where we all were a few minutes ago, I said, pointing back up the mountain where hikers looked as tiny as marching ants overhead. Let’s let your/our peanut galleries know that the next time we think we can’t, okay?


Looking in from the outside, trail running has a way of making it appear to be a sport for the professional, superhuman set that lives on sports drinks and twigs. but the truth is, if you’re running on trails, you’re a trail runner. Simple as that. Welcome.

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