By Kriste Peoples

Stuck Between The Hope and The Hard Place

We never know what we’re going to get when we offer our Empowered Mindful Movement clinics, but we always know what we’re going to give.


Tonight we worked with the tension that arises when getting to our goal doesn’t always turn out as planned. Our theme this year is ‘hope’. Not hope as the upside of magical thinking or the hope of hand wringing and wishing for the best either.


There’s another side of hope we explored together: the stuff that sometimes feels more like clinging, attachment, and disappointment when things don’t go the way we’d… hoped.


How do we move when we feel stuck between the hope and the hard place? We move with intention and tenderness for ourselves, if we can. We move as clear-eyed as we’re able, breathing deeply, solid in our bodies, knowing the next step is the only one we’ll take in the moment.


We took cues from our surroundings as we moved, realizing that tension and letting go so that nature can do her thing is exactly how we’ll get our wildflowers in the days to come. Many thanks to all who joined in person and otherwise supported our work.