By Kriste Peoples

Cultivating Courage and Vulnerability: A Mindfulness Training of the Heart

In the world of spirituality and practice, words like ‘courage’ and ‘vulnerability’ get tossed around so much, they often become overused and misunderstood when unaccompanied by action. And in many cultures, courage and vulnerability too often have associations with false bravado and weakness, respectively. Do terms like ‘man-up’ and ‘being too sensitive’ come to mind here?


So, what does it mean to cultivate these qualities in ourselves? In this course, we’ll explore the associations we make with these words and redefine them in a context of mindfulness and meditation. Courage and vulnerability are interconnected because we can’t be courageous (expressing our authenticity from from the heart) without being vulnerable (laid bare in our emotions, transparent, defenseless).


This introductory course is created with newcomers to meditation in mind and to experienced meditators interested in delving deeper into featured topics. This space will foster an environment of mutual support. Together we will establish a safe and trusting community as we build and deepen an ongoing practice of meditation in service to cultivating our courage and vulnerability.


Each week builds on the previous instruction. Full attendance is encouraged in order to build a safe container for growing our practice together.


Topics we’ll cover include:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Courage, vulnerability, and beginner’s mind
  • Dismantling internalized beliefs about strength and weakness
  • Committing to new ways of being in the moment
  • The power of forgiveness and self-compassion
  • Getting unstuck, one breath at a time
  • Sitting with difficult emotions
  • Learning to trust your voice

Make no mistake: meditation can be dull, hard, and boring sometimes. It can also be rapturous and peace-filled. Our aim is to establish an ongoing practice that welcomes the growth and healing that consistency can bring. This safe community creates the added benefit of sharing our experiences, personal stories, and progress as we process. Together. 

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4 online sessions:

Mondays: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 3/1

5pm – 6 PT / 6pm – 7pm MT / 7pm – 8pm CT / 8pm – 9pm ET

This course is open to ALL, and no prior meditation or writing experience is necessary.

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