By Kriste Peoples

What Makes a Runner?

In case there’s any question about what makes a runner, I’d like to offer my thoughts. not to be too technical here, but if you run, then you are a runner. If you run on earthen trails, then you are a trail runner.


As runners, we come in all shapes and sizes and colors and genders. some of us might be a little more camera shy than others.


Our faces and paces will vary and that doesn’t make us any more or less legit.


We might be social runners who thrive in community; we might run for the joy (and occasional hell) of it; we might run to race and we might not. All. Very. Good.


Today we wrapped up our women’s beginner trail running clinic and marked the moment with one last run together. I have loved witnessing the gains and breakthroughs, as well as new friendships made.


I’m even warming to the horses I meet. Did I tell you I once saw a man walking his llama on the trail? Llama, people.


Anyway, the man on horseback turned as they passed and said, “Would you like to pet him? I think you look like someone who’d like to pet a horse.” I didn’t even roll my eyes or get my back up — because he was right.


I think it was the half awe, half terror, half naked curiosity playing across my face that gave me away.


What a great feeling: starting the morning with this kind of pride and joy.