By Kriste Peoples

A Meditation on Mindfulness, and Classes

I don’t know about you, but it’s barely the middle of January and I’ve already had too many moments of feeling flustered. I wouldn’t say the year’s off to a great start, but I would definitely say it’s off. Meaning, it feels like a continuation of false starts and struggle and, I haven’t settled into it yet.


As both a student and teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I know it’s not reasonable to expect the world to pause while I ready the best version of myself to meet it. And yet, some would say we’ve been in a Great Pause of sorts for the past two years or more. Either way I view it, I’m reminded that the only aspect of this experience in my control is the way I show up to it.


This morning I made the mistake of scrolling through social media when I should have been minding my business, doing my work. It didn’t take long before I saw everybody else winning awards, traveling to a fancy places, or otherwise living what looked like their best life. By noon, I was caught in a tailspin of envy, backward glancing, and low-grade panic. Such are the mind games that can sneak in and wreak havoc with us when we’re not guarding the door.


But like I said, I’m not new to this game. And what I know is that an abiding practice of stillness and inward reflection goes a long way toward cultivating a foundation of grounding, clarity, and courage. Notice I didn’t say meditation fixes all the things, but there’s a whole lot it can do. Speaking of… I’m offering a series of monthly virtual gatherings to help support you in establishing a meditation practice of your own. 


If you’ve ever wanted to meditate or learn how mindfulness could compliment your daily life, this is definitely a good place be. And if you’ve already got a practice and wanted to join a small community of committed people interested in growing together, then join us.


This donation-based online gathering meets on the final Monday evening of each month, and is created with newcomers to meditation in mind. Our sessions will foster an environment of mutual support. Together we will establish a safe and trusting community as we build and deepen an ongoing practice of mindfulness meditation.


Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Pathways to meditation
  • Being with difficult emotions
  • Cultivating a meditation practice
  • Liberating the heart
  • Examining our stories
  • The power of lovingkindness

Make no mistake: meditation can be dull, hard, and boring sometimes. It’s not a quick fix or cure-all (see above). However, cultivating a practice of meditation can sometimes be rapturous and joyful. Our aim is to come together to support an ongoing practice that welcomes the growth and healing that consistency can bring. This safe community creates the added benefit of sharing our experiences, personal stories, and progress as we process. Together.

Learn more and register here.