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By Kriste Peoples

Let’s talk Mindfulness, Meditation, and Trail Running!

Whenever someone asks me about mindfulness and running, my first internal response is, ‘How much time do we have to talk about it?’ That’s because, as a mindfulness teacher, I’ve found that the practices of mindfulness and running pair well and the benefits extend far beyond the trail. And yes, running can be its own form of practice!


On Thursday, Oct. 14 at 5 pm MST join me and Zoë Rom, Editor-in-Chief of Trail Runner Magazine as we talk about it all, or as much as we can in the allotted time. I’ve been excited about this conversation for a while now, and we’d love to welcome into that dialogue!


While the topic of mindfulness has become popular in lots of circles – especially meditation – we’ll take a look at how this practice comes alive by taking it off of the cushion and onto the trail. Trail running lends itself to a deeper exploration of being in the moment by becoming more aware of what’s going on around us and especially, within us.

We’ll cover:

  • making your running into a practice
  • running into your “why”
  • learning to listen to your body and not your ego
  • allowing the suck and why that’s different from embracing it
  • why mindfulness matters
  • the importance of psychological safety