By Kriste Peoples

The Constant Running Through It All

In the last twelve hours i’ve been on two different trails with different people and the constant I keep thinking about is water.


Last night the threat of showers materialized and ultimately drenched us to the skin. I went home to hydrate and shower. this morning, humidity was thick and sweat poured from me like rain. ducks (maybe geese?) floated quietly by on the ponds. I went home to hydrate and shower.


Right now half of Colorado is experiencing a serious drought. I don’t live in that half, and to be so aware of it makes me even more grateful for the abundance of water now.


On another note, whenever i post about oppression, social justice, inequity–the hard stuff–I ‘lose’ people (whatever that means). This isn’t anything new yet it reminds me that people get tired, including me. Or maybe it’s a refining of an audience that’s here for all of these complex realities.


It also reminds me that–just like water–favor and interest will ebb and flow, but my message will remain a constant through it all. Well, I’ll do my best, but the mountains will most definitely be here through it all.